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The features and flexibility to run your winning field campaign


Traditional walk

Canvass a list of people and households using a turf cut list from your nation.

Proximity walk

Create a list on the fly using your current location and other parameters.

Map view

See your list’s households plotted on a map along with the status.

List view

Your list sorted into households and displayed in a search-able and sort-able list.


Directions from your current location the next closet house on the list.

Sync walk status w/ team

Sync the status of your walk with your teammates.


Conduct a survey at the door with results syncing back to your nation in real-time.

Outcome & notes

Record the outcome of your conversation the door, the support status and add notes.

Add New Contacts

Add new households and contacts to your canvass on the fly.


Review canvass efforts, surveys results, reception and more inside NationBuilder.

Single login for app & NB

Login to the FieldEdge App using your NationBuilder login details.

App Customization BETA

Customize the app experience for a streamlined workflow.

Advanced Reports COMING SOON

Generate advanced reports of your teams canvass activity.

Real-time monitoring COMING SOON

Track the location and performance of your canvassers as they complete households.

Automation COMING SOON

Automate your canvassing workflows with Zapier and Integromat.

Contact Profiles

Search contacts

Find contacts by name, tags and list membership.

Add new contacts

Create a list on the fly using your current location and other parameters.

View Profiles

See virtually all of the key information about the contact: demographics, political, etc.

Contact information

Phone numbers, emails, addresses, social and more.

Tap to call, text or email

One tap to make a call, text or email the contact.

Edit contact

Update key information such contact details, demographic details and more.

Activity (logged contact)

View all of the communication logged with the contact.


View memberships and related details assigned to the contact.

Custom fields

View your nation’s custom field values for the contact.


A summary of donations made and raised by the contact in total and this cycle.

Support status

See the level of support given by the contact.

Voting districts

View all of the different districts your contacts resides in.

Contact Actions

Log contact

Categorize the outcome of an interaction or communication with the contact.


Conduct a survey with a conduct with multiple choice and free text questions.

Add/remove from list

Add the contact to a list or remove them from a list.

Record donation

Record an in-person donation made by the contact.

Private note

Save a free text note about the contact.

Priority level

Set the support level of the contact – from Strong Oppose to Strong Support.

Mark as volunteer

Flag the contacts interest in volunteering.

Open NB profile (on web)

Open the contact’s full profile in a web browser to see extra details.

RSVP to event

RSVP the contact to a future event.

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