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v1.5 released! Use any size list, disable direction, quick voter info plus more

Here at FieldEdge, we’ve made a commitment to the NationBuilder community to help improve the way we all campaign in the field. This is never ending pursuit of course, however, with each version of FieldEdge, we aim to help level up your field game. In this version of FieldEdge, we’ve completed over 50 bug fixes and improvements to People (CRM Tools) and Canvassing tools in FieldEdge. You’ll find this to be the most reliable and useful version to date.


We understand that campaign managers are busy and canvasser productivity and motivation is a key element of success. It’s to this end that we’ve been working to save you time setting up and managing your campaigns while also improving the in-app canvassing experience. Here’s the specifics:

???? Larger Lists: Create less lists and get back to more important things ????

Creating more lists isn’t the best use of your time, that’s why we’ve lifted the limit of 100 people per list! Create a large list to canvass regularly over the campaign, or tackle it with a team.

Get more info from map markers

When canvassing you can tap on a household to find more useful information about the person or people inside.

More useful map markers

To provide canvassers with more context about the houses around them, we have introduced 4 new marker icons:

Disable automatic direction

Option to disable automatic directions so you can pick what house you visit next

More efficient flows for canvassers in the field

The app will now skip the ‘Household’ screen when there is only one person in that household

Better Canvassing of apartments and units

Previously, Apartments and Units were treated as single Households making them harder to canvass. FieldEdge now splits apartments and units into different households.

Sort houses in List View (iOS only)

Option to sort households by distance from current location or the address (A – Z)

People CRM Tools

View all voting districts fields

You can now drill down to view all voting districts for a person.

Bad info and do not contact

When a person is marked as “Do not contact” all of their contact info will be crossed out. If they have bad email addresses, phone number or addresses, those too will be crossed out.

Deceased flag

You will now see when someone has been marked as deceased in FieldEdge. You can now also mark someone as deceased on add/edit screen.

The latest version can be found on your app store or if you have auto updates turned on, you might already have it installed! If you haven’t signed for FieldEdge yet, be sure to signup for a 14-day free trial.