Our Biggest Upgrade to Date

January 18, 2016

Today is a big day!

Since launching FieldEdge back in September of last year, we’ve continued to learn how people work in the field by talking to the NationBuilder community.

Throughout those conversations we continually heard two things:

  1. FieldEdge was great and you wanted everyone on the team to have access, not just those with iPhones. (i.e. we want Android!)
  2. You wanted needed a solution for canvassing constituents that was simple to use but had the full power of NationBuilder behind it.

So we got cracking and I am extremely excited to say, we believe we have solved those two problems, today…

…Introducing, FieldEdge for Android AND Canvassing with FieldEdge.

Tell Me More!

We have strong beliefs about what FieldEdge should and shouldn’t be. These beliefs were formed from the conversations we have with the NationBuilder community.

These beliefs explain the what and why of Canvassing…

1. We believe in deep NationBuilder integration.

Information is powerful.

With canvassing, your team will have a clearer picture than ever of your constituency with summary and detailed profiles pulled from you nation about each person they are speaking with.

Record all kinds of information and conduct surveys to continuing building a more detailed picture of your constituency, all from the palm of your hand.

2. We believe in making NationBuilder accessible to everyone.

Because the more people who have access to the tools they need, the more time they can spend making a difference. For us, making NationBuilder more accessible meant:

    • Making everything intuitive.

We’ve designed FieldEdge canvassing so that you can setup and deploy a canvass right from the NationBuilder control panel, there’s no need to learn a new system or remember another password.

We’ve focused on creating an beautiful, intuitive and powerful app that your canvassers will love. FieldEdge will guide them from door-to-door, providing them with the information they need – and allowing them to add or edit at the touch of a button.

    • Making the app available on different devices.

We pushed ourselves to get all of the iOS features into Android. And, that hard work has paid off because canvassing is available for both iOS and Android folk (as of today)!

    • Delivering fantastic value.

Canvassing is a huge upgrade for FieldEdge, increasing the value it delivers greatly. With that said, we’ve decided to include it with all our existing plans. This means access to canvassing starts at less than $9 per month!

How Do I Get Started?

I’m an Existing Customer…

If you’re on iOS, download the latest version from the App Store. (You may already have it if you’ve got auto-updates turned on!)

If you’re on Android, download FieldEdge from the Play Store. (Be sure you’re adding any new team members to your account.)

Next, you’ll want to checkout our in-app overview or read our documentation.

I’m new to FieldEdge…

You can learn more about Canvassing or Get Started right away with your 14-day free trial.

Ryan Anderson Founder

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