Support for iOS 10 plus new Smart Log on Android and iPhone

October 4, 2016

iOS 10

Apple’s latest mobile operating system, dubbed iOS 10, introduces great upgrades to apps like Messages, Music and Photos. However, with changes to the inner workings of Maps, it introduced a few bugs into Canvassing FieldEdge’s canvassing feature.

We’ve been working hard to resolve these bugs and as of today, FieldEdge now fully supports iOS 10.


Smart Log

We know all know genuine one-on-one interactions with supporters and prospects are key to effective organising. Keeping track of these conversations however can be tricky and when you’re on the go, it’s easy to forget to record your interactions.

That’s why today, we introduce a handy new feature to FieldEdge that makes logging contact even faster.

After making a call, sending a text or email from a profile in FieldEdge, you’ll automatically be prompted to log contact. The appropriate contact method (Phone Call, Text or Email) will even be pre-selected for you.


The latest version can be found on your app store or if you have auto updates turned on, you might already have it installed!

Ryan Anderson Founder

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