Mobile Canvassing for NationBuilder

A comprehensive and intuitive field canvassing solution deployed from your NationBuilder control panel.

A clearer picture of your constituency

Access more information about who you are speaking with than ever before. Canvassers will see summary and detailed profiles pulled from you nation about each person they are speaking with. Record all kinds of information and conduct surveys to continue building a more detailed picture of your constituency, all from the palm of your hand.

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Deploy a canvass in minutes, not days

Setup a team of canvassers in minutes using the turf cutting map tool and deploy to canvassers instantly. FieldEdge takes care of the route, the demographic information and syncs all of the canvasser’s data back to your nation’s database so they're free to engage with your community.

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Unprecedented NationBuilder Integration

This is the canvassing app designed with your nation in mind, by Certified NationBuilder Experts and dedicated users.

With FieldEdge Canvass, you use NationBuilder to setup and manage your canvassing efforts. Using NationBuilder's excellent turf cutting and list splitting tools, you can setup a walk in minutes. Want your canvassers to survey constituents? Simply create a survey in NationBuilder.

Your control panel users will have instant access to their walk when they login to FieldEdge will their NationBuilder login, it’s that simple.

The ultimate canvasser experience

No more lugging reams of paper. No more getting lost. No more handwriting. We’ve focused on creating an beautiful, intuitive and powerful app that your canvassers will love. FieldEdge will guide them from door-to-door, providing them with the information they need about the household - and allowing them to add or edit at the touch of a button.

NationBuilder features at your fingertips

No more paper

Replace printed walk sheets with an app that feeds all the canvassing info directly back into your Nation.

Uses your lists

Any lists saved in your nation (such as from a turf cut or filter) sync directly with the app to create the canvassing route.

No 3rd-party control panel

FieldEdge only requires the data from your nation to start your canvassing - no messing around outside of NB required.

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Seamless surveys

The app will identify your saved NationBuilder surveys and allow you to assign them to your walk. Any responses will go straight into their profile.

Detected households

FieldEdge will automatically assign the people on your lists into households - especially useful for canvassing families and apartment blocks.

Planned route

Choose your NB list and let the app plan your entire canvassing route for you. The dashboard will display a handy map with the next destination and estimated walking time.

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