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Use NationBuilder's powerful database tools on your mobile

Introducing FieldEdge

FieldEdge allows your team to search your NationBuilder database, edit any profile, and add new people to your nation straight from a mobile device.

FieldEdge on iOS and Android
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Always up-to-date

Real-time syncing with your nation means your app users will always have the latest info - and so will those using desktop.

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Accurate and efficient

Eliminate paper, transcription errors, and double-handling of data with an app that connects directly with your nation.

We’re Here To Help

Our support team is made up of NationBuilder Certified Experts and are dedicated to helping you get the most from FieldEdge.

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Know who you're speaking to

Access key details about your constituents at a glance. Instantly know their name, support level and the issues they are interested in.

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The Essentials

Start the conversation off on the right foot: know their name, age, job title priority and the status of their support such as if they are a volunteer or donor.

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See Who You're Speaking With

Using NationBuilder’s sophisticated Match feature, FieldEdge will display your supporters profile picture.

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Dig into the Details

Want to know their particular interests or how much they have donated to your cause? Access virtually all of the NationBuilder People data.


Take action, wherever you are

FieldEdge allows you to make the most of NationBuilders essential people tools at the touch of a button.


Log Contact

Quickly and easily log a face-to-face interaction to anyones profile as soon as the conversation is over.



FieldEdge allows you to register their interest in volunteering and assign a person as a volunteer.


Priority and Support Level

Priority and support level can be easily added or adjust with a tap of your finger.



Your saved NationBuilder surveys can be conducted via the app and the responses recorded in your nation.


Edit Tags

Add or remove existing tags assigned to a persons profile, or create new tags entirely.

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Following the full release from NationBuilder, FieldEdge will allow you to manage people’s Paths and Steps.



Record a cash or cheque donation for a person or organisation within the app to record it in your nation.

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FieldEdge's advanced canvassing and doorknocking features.

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