Plans and Pricing

Simple options based on the size of your database


Access the People tools of the NationBuilder control panel
5 CRM Users
  • Below 5k People - $19 /mo
  • Below 15k People - $29 /mo
  • Below 30k People - $39 /mo
  • Below 50k People - $49 /mo
  • Below 100k People - $89 /mo
  • Below 250k People - $129 /mo
  • Below 500k People - $199 /mo
  • Below 1M People - $299 /mo
  • Below 5M People - $399 /mo
  • UNLIMITED People - $499 /mo


Everything in Core plus the Canvassing tools and unlimited users
Unlimited Canvass + CRM Users
  • Below 5,000 People - $39 /mo
  • Below 15k People - $49 /mo
  • Below 30k People - $79 /mo
  • Below 50k People - $99 /mo
  • Below 100k People - $179 /mo
  • Below 250k People - $299 /mo
  • Below 500k People - $499 /mo
  • Below 1M People - $899 /mo
  • Below 5M People - $1499 /mo
  • UNLIMITED People - $1999 /mo


All the features of the Core plan plus unlimited users
Unlimited CRM Users
  • Below 5,000 People - $29 /mo
  • Below 15,000 People - $39 /mo
  • Below 30,000 People - $59 /mo
  • Below 50,000 People - $89 /mo
  • Below 100,000 People - $129 /mo
  • Below 250,000 People - $179 /mo
  • Below 500,000 People - $299 /mo
  • Below 1,000,000 People - $499 /mo
  • Below 5,000,000 People - $749 /mo
  • UNLIMITED People - $999 /mo

All Plans Include


Everything you need to run a successful campaign
$ 39 from / month
  • Mobile access to database
  • Add, edit and view profiles
  • Call, text or email people from the app​
  • Conduct surveys that sync back to NB​
  • Use NationBuilder lists as your walk lists
  • Get guided directions from door-door​
  • Record voter interaction outcomes
  • Conduct surveys that sync back to NB​

Don't need canvassing tools? Our Core Plan starts at just $19 /mo

People tools

Included in the Core & Campaigner Plans

Canvassing tools

Included in the Campaigner Plan Only

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my 14-day free trial work?

Your 14-day free trial gives you full access to experience and explore all of the FieldEdge features under your selected plan. Simply select the plan with the features and users that best suit your needs. You can easily upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan at any time during your free trial with no fees or charges.

Can I purchase an annual plan?

Yes. If you would like to switch to annual plan and access a discount, please reach out.

How is the database size calculated?

This number is based on the total number of people in the nation you connect to FieldEdge. We will get this number from your nation at the beginning of each billing cycle. Pricing is based on the total number of people in your nation. If you have a large discrepancy between the total number of people and contactable people, please reach out to us to discuss a custom pricing option.

Does the app work in my country?

FieldEdge has been proven to work in the US, Canada, Australia, UK, France and many other countries. There are a few countries that FieldEdge on iPhone can’t support due to Apple Maps not being available. To check if your country is supported, you can check Apple’s website. FieldEdge on Android should work in any country where Google Maps works.

Is FieldEdge part of NationBuilder? Does it come free with my NB plan?

FieldEdge is a third-party priority partner of NationBuilder. We are NationBuilder Certified Experts and Developers. Right now, FieldEdge is a paid enhancement for the NationBuilder platform. 

What is a User?

A “user” is a staffer, canvasser, volunteer, admin or other person who is registered on your account to login to your nation and use FieldEdge. Each user needs to be registered using the email address that they use to login to NationBuilder.

Can I cancel, upgrade or downgrade at any time?

Monthly plans can be cancelled, upgraded or downgraded at any time with no fees or charges. If you are on an Annual plan (from past pricing structures) we do not issue refunds for a downgrade or cancellation. This is because these Plans came with a large upfront saving.

How secure is FieldEdge?

We take security very seriously. FieldEdge utilises industry standard SSL encryption security for transferring data between the app and the NationBuilder servers. This data only exists on your device and NationBuilder – we do not store or view your data on our servers.

What payment methods are accepted?

Monthly billing is payable by credit card. We accept all major credit cards. We can accept PayPal or bank transfer for larger billing accounts. Please contact us if you want to discuss special arrangements.

What are the technical requirements for FieldEdge?

Before using FieldEdge, you’ll need admin access to your NationBuilder account. You’ll also need an iPhone4S or newer, iPod Touch 5th Gen or newer, an iPad 2 or newer, or an Android 4.0+ phone.

An all-new version of FieldEdge is coming. Get a preview and signup for early access