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FieldEdge provides the power of NationBuilder on your mobile plus extra tools to organize effectively in the field.

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NationBuilder is an outstanding platform for building your community, providing the tools to develop detailed profiles of your constituency, action opportunities and build strong relationships that lead to change.

The problem is that these tools are stuck on your desktop computer which leads to missed opportunities or time-wasting workarounds like paper-pen transcription.

FieldEdge brings the power of NationBuilder to the field. Give your team the tools they need to understand your constituents, build detailed profiles and record opportunities that require action.

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Canvassing Reimagined

Introducing FieldEdge Canvass, the best way to canvass with NationBuilder.

Simply create a walk list in your nation to have it available instantly on your mobile. FieldEdge Canvass will guide canvassers from house-to-house and provide summarised information about each member of the household.

Log contact and surveys are at the heart of NationBuilder’s power. That’s why we’ve made them at the heart of Canvass. Of course, all of this syncs back to your Nation in real-time.

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NationBuilder app: FieldEdge on iPhone 5

Never miss an opportunity again

NationBuilder app: FieldEdge on iPhone 5

Log a discussion with someone, register their interest in volunteering or tag them with their key issues with a few taps. Your team will record accurate information about your constituents even when they’re not behind the PC.

Whether you’re adding a new prospect, registering interest in volunteering or updating someone's tags, all your activity automatically syncs to your Nation in seconds.

Committed to Your Cause

FieldEdge is designed by WebEdge Marketing – certified NationBuilder Experts, Architects and Developers. We are committed to our product and are here to ensure your use of FieldEdge is flawless.





Built for everyone

FieldEdge is a non-partisan, out-of-the-box application with scalable packages suitable for organisations of every size. If you have a Nation, FieldEdge was built for you.

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A lot of the important stuff that happens in my role goes down when I'm out and about – not at my desk. With FieldEdge I capture it on my mobile and then it goes straight into my Nation. It saves me HOURS of writing up notes. - Carmen Garcia
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